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Dear guest, The Relax Style House is a small hotel that aims to provide customers with a comfortable and quality place and service at an affordable price . Every day we try to improve our services while maintaining a good ratio between quality and price. But to continue to achieve good results in this sense we must absolutely avoid unnecessary wastage and customer collaboration is essential to achieve it . Therefore, attention is drawn by the host , do not throw in the towels on the floor and ask for their replacement because they have been used only once and only appear to be wet but not dirty. Our policy is geared to replace towels and sheets after three days of guest’s stay whatever the conditions of linen. Also the linen is changed after just one day if found dirty. Will be changed the mat of the shower every time that will be used and in any case , not more than once per day. For more frequent changes specifically requested by the customer or can be inferred from its specific behavior in this sense (towels thrown on the ground) , you will be charged a minimum amount of € 3.00 per piece changed.

Finally, should it be ascertained or the lack of linen supplied in the rooms or, due to an illegitimate use by the guest, their irremediable soiling that they render the washing unnecessary or particularly laborious and expensive, the guest will be charged the amount of € 10.00, per piece, as damages and the item of dirty laundry will be sold to the customer.

Therefore, for the aforementioned reasons and not least for a respect towards the hotel and all the guests, we advise our customers not to use the linen owned by the hotel granted in use, for shoe cleaning operations , cleaning of the face to remove make-up, depilation with creams or in any case to abstain from the improper use of the laundry which results in its irreparable soiling.


The rooms are cleaned daily in the months from June  to August, while in the remaining months the cleaning is done every 4th day of stay.

For different needs expressly requested by the guest, a price increase of € 5.00 per day will be applied in addition to the cost of the replaced linen and  towels .

The person in charge of this task generally enters into the rooms  approximately from 11.30 am until about 1 pm for their accommodation and cleaning. Customers wishing their room to be cleaned are requested to allow access to the room when the maid requests it. Otherwise, if the customer refuses to have the cleaning performed, the room will not be supplied with toilet paper, soap and various consumables and, therefore, you will have to wait for the next day to take advantage of these services.

It should be noted that the cleaning services are provided by the hotel while the customer is required to leave the room in order. Should the customer fail to do so, the room cleaning will not proceed. This situation will be notified to the customer.

If the room is found to be in a dirty condition that is objectively beyond the norm or dirty product beyond the normal use that a guest can reasonably create, an extra € 15.00 per day will be charged, in addition to any damage found by dirt, such as indelible stains on carpets, bedspreads, curtains etc. etc.


 For security and control reasons  the management, in addition to the control of common areas with CCTV video surveillance devices,  reserves the right to access the rooms at its sole discretion and at any time to check.


Before arrival and upon check in, each room is carefully checked to ensure everything is in working order and appropriate for guests. Should any damage be caused by guests during the stay at check out time there after, even if the guest has left, for repair or replacement of items, this shall be documented and billed to the guest on the credit card provided at the time of booking ( if the guest has already left the accommodation).


As it is clearly shown on the site, however, on the hotel reservation in possession of the guest, the check out time is set for 11:30 am. Are tolerated delays in leaving the room free of people and things up to a maximum of 30 minutes after that time. That is, if the room would still be occupied later than 12.00 hours by persons or things such as luggage or objects owned by the ‘guest ,will be charged a penalty equal to one night more, the maximum price charged, without having the right to stay. The customer will still have to leave the room.


The guests are required to keep their money and personal belongings of value in special safes where each room is equipped with. Therefore any complaints from guests about the alleged and imagine disappearances of items, will not be in any way considered by the management.


The guests are required, prior to departure, to check that in the rooms are not forgotten objects and clothing. The Management of Relax Style House keeps everything found for about 30 days from the date of issuance of the room. After this period, in the absence of the customer requests shipment or recovery by means of person responsible, the procedure will eliminate those objects or clothes. Requests for shipments from the guests at your home must be paid in advance at the rate of € 30,00 more out of pocket expenses of shipment.


Access in the rooms is exclusively reserved for hotel guests. The staff and friends of our customers cannot get access in the rooms even for a very short time without prior authorization . If a customer brings an unknown person and the reception office has not previously collected his generality, will be applied, as a penalty, the maximum rate for the twin room(taken from the price list communicated to the Tourist Office of the Abruzzo Region and from this endorsed and approved) although unlawful access is been in a single room, in addition to the unquestionable owner decision to terminate the contract with the guest and invite him to leave. In case of refusal by the identification of the unknown person , we will appeal to the public force to obtain the due identification. In the aforementioned cases of unauthorized access to the rooms, the guest authorizes the Direction to automatically charge  the penalty on the credit card provided for the reservation. The Management reserves the right to keep the video footage of the CCTV cameras to prove the wrongdoing by the host.


For obvious hygienic and safety reasons, smoking is strongly  forbidden  in the entire accomodation . Smoking is allowed only on the balconies of the rooms that are provided, ensuring that smoke does not enter the room. If a bad smell is detected in the room suggesting that a similar prohibition has not been complied with, the management reserves the right to apply a penalty to the defaulting guest of € 50.00. If the guest persists in non-compliant behavior even after warning and sanction, the guest will be invited to leave the structure without any right by the guest to reimburse any nights not used.

These rules are known and accepted by customers at a time when the same checking in. A copy of this regulation is deposited in each room and on the website